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The World is inspiring

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The motivation to create our product came simply from getting out and seeing the world. Seeing all the different walks of life and cultures that make up this place we call earth. Whether it was the snowing middle American areas like Missouri, Kansas, Chicago or Minnesota all the way to the tropical areas of Costa Rica or Jamaica. There was a commonality of healing and treating the body with all natural sources. When in Jamaica the summer of 2020. Right before the world was change forever by the Covid pandemic. I got my last real sense of normalcy, in a country that i've never been in. The way the people were so in-tune with the earth and how each piece of nature affects the body. I learned a lot on what to and what not use in my day to day. I took these notes and tried to apply them to my current lifestyle in the states. This is why whether its our candles, oils or any products we choose to use in the future; we will always stay true to nature and its benefits.


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