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Bassa Beard Oil: Mobay Breeze

Mobay Breeze is a refreshing scent composed of a citrus, jasmine and open air smell. Takes you from where every you are to the shores of Jamaica. This comes in a 2 oz bottle with a stray top. If you're looking for an oil that smells great and will give your beard a slick look. Grab a bottle of Mobay Breeze. Very light smelling scent and the oils inside strengthens hair.

Bassa Beard Oil: Mobay Breeze

SKU: 0005
2 oz.: Regular
  • (This product is composed of oils that come from nuts. Please take precaution if you have any allergies.)

  • If you are unsatified for any reason. We will refund your money. Why pay for a product that you absolutely don't love. 

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